High school grads adapt to the changing economy

Four high schools held their graduation at the Civic Center on Saturday

/ Colby Gallagher

"First this summer I plan on doing the HCOP Program at Albany State and in the fall I plan to enroll in Albany State and be in the nursing program," said 2012 graduate, Chelsea Cox.

"I plan on going to school and majoring in criminal justice and join the police squad," said Byron Fedrick, one of Cox's classmates.

Cox and Fedrick are just two of the many students with high hopes after today as they are joined by their classmates at Monroe High School and three other schools for their graduation.

"It's exciting! I knew I was going to get here I just didn't know how long it would take and now I'm finally here and I'm excited," said Cox.

While some students have gone on to pursue a dream they've had since childhood, others have adapted their future careers due to the economy.

"I always know there's going to be violence all the time so I know they're going to need police," said Fedrick, who had originally planned to become a nurse because it was always in demand as well.

With the struggling economy and student loan interest rates set to rise, students, like Cox, kept a goal in mind all throughout high school to get good grades so that money won't be a factor inhabiting her future.

"I have scholarships and they'll be able to help me."

No matter what path they plan to take, both Fedrick and Cox have a similar vision down the road.

"I just hope to be successful, I hope to make my family happy, I hope to be a good citizen," said a smiling Cox.

"I just want to make something out of myself," said Fedrick.