High incomes in Lee County public housing

There were three tenants of Lee County public housing bringing in over $30,000 a year / Courtney Highfield

On Wednesday, FOX 31 told you about several unexpected high incomes of those living in Albany public housing. FOX 31 also open records requested the incomes of those living in Lee County public housing and found the very same issue.

There were three tenants of Lee County public housing bringing in over $30,000 a year. The highest of those brings in $63,740.95, while the other two make $34,588.80 and $41,421.88.

When asked if that tenant should even be living in public housing, Housing Authority Director Dan McCarthy said, "Well, I mean, that's a good question. The federal rules don't require that they be evicted, in fact, there are some exceptions in the federal rule that say you can't do it."

While that income is shocking, there was an explanation for it. McCarthy said "that income just recently got to that place, the head of the household has two jobs, neither one are high paying but when you put them together she's doing pretty well. That's one where they've also got two adult children in their early 20's that work but are still staying at home because they don't make enough to go out on their own."

As McCarthy said, the law prohibits them from evicting tenants just because they have a high income but even if it didn't he's not sure he would want to force them out to begin with. McCarthy said, "there's been an effort over the year about de-concentrating poverty. If you get the lowest of the low income all together in one place then you have dysfunction and you have crime and you have all those kinds of problems so it's trying to get that mixture of how do you assist the folks that need it the most but also protect the integrity of the neighborhood."

Right now, the Lee County Housing Authority has one vacancy and 150 people on their waiting list.