High gas prices linked to holiday staycations

Holiday travel halted by high gas prices? / Jessica Fairley

Labor Day is just around the corner but high gas prices may keep many drivers off the road.

To many, Labor Day marks the end of summer and for some that means packing up the car with family and animals in tow and hitting the road.

"We came to pick up a granddaughter and we're going all the way to south Florida for a few days and right back up the road. So we're going to be on the road a lot this holiday," says Anita Snell.

As Anita Snell and her boyfriend fill-up, they notice the gas meter ticking up.

"Well you just suck it in and go," says Anita Snell.

While Ms. Snell hits the road, some southwest Georgians will opt for a staycation.

"Me and my friend were going to go to the lake at her houseboat but we can't afford to go out. It's all the way in Bainbridge," says Alyssa Martin.

Alyssa Martin is staying home, while others choose to make a quick trip.

"I'm running to Americus for a barbecue and gas prices are high. It just cost me $50 dollars to fill up my vehicle," says Alvin Young.

Alvin Young says a short trip beats no trip at all. And although the gas prices are high he says the time spent and memories made are well worth the extra pennies.

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