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      Hidden danger in farming

      Each year, Lee County Elementary School holds a one-day event, Progressive Ag Safety Day, teaching children safety lessons that can keep them and those around them safe at home, or on a farm or ranch in rural communities.

      Southwest Georgia is home to many farms and it is important to make students aware of different safety rules to follow.

      John White with Albany Tractor reiterates that farming is a very dangerous occupation; you can get hurt very easily.

      One of the largest parts on a tractor is a PTO shaft. PTO stands for power take-off; it is a shaft that runs from the rear of the tractor to the back of an implement.

      It is important for them to know about pto safety because it can save their lives.

      You don't have to avoid tractors all together though, you just have to be cautious if you find yourself around one.

      John White says that it is important to remember that 'anything can get caught in a pto shaft, there's always moving parts on tractors and it's just best to be aware of what's going on.'