Hey, take that sign down!

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

The Sign Task Force held their fourth meeting to discuss revisions to the City of Albany sign ordinance.

The meeting started with attention getting devices. As of now in the sign ordinance, attention getting devices are defined as moving signs or signs with moving parts, animated signs involving motion or sound, signs with waiving elements, and motorized and wind-powered. All of these signs are prohibited in Albany.

A proposal was made to include signs held by a person as an attention getting device as well as people in costume holding or not holding a sign.

Additionally, it was proposed that signs with any type of sound be removed as well.

Lastly historical signs were discussed and a precedent of 50 years was proposed. All signs existing and displayed before Jan 1, 1964 would be exempt from the ordinance. There was also discussion on whether or not a historical sign can be re-used.

This was the last meeting to discuss changes and the proposals will now be defined and set to a draft for the new sign ordinance.

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