Heritage House trial set for Monday

Heritage House trial set for Monday. / Jessica Fairley

Albany officials are preparing to head back to court on Monday to decide the fate of the Heritage House Hotel on Oglethorpe Blvd. The dilapidated building has sat vacant and unused for years and although owners believe it can be revitalized; locals say it's got to go.

Over the years the structure became a haven for prostitutes, drug dealers, and any living thing seeking shelter.

The owner of the Heritage House is battling to keep it standing and some on the mayoral trail also believe it could be put to use.

"We could have it fixed up and it could be a big part of this community. We could create jobs with it," said Albany Mayoral Candidate B.J. Fletcher.

Fletcher wants to see the building placed into a private sector. She says although she wants to see the building thrive, it isn't fair for the taxpayers to continue carrying the burden, when the owners are getting over.

"If you or I owned that building and we owned over $400,000 in taxes we would be in jail. Why is this tied up in court? We've got to stop the people who know how to beat the system," said Fletcher.

Mayoral opponent, Dorothy Hubbard, and those who live in the neighborhood say the Heritage House is beyond repair. They say for years the owner has had a chance to make a difference and yet it's there's been no change.

"It's about our having a clean safe city to live in and with the dilapidated structures where you have crime, everything just feeds another one," said Albany Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Hubbard

Both candidates agree going back and forth to court is a waste of the taxpayers' dollars. They say they want to see this process end so that the city can move on to something better.