Heritage House back in court

The Heritage House stands awaiting its fate as the court proceedings continue. / Ashley Knight

The Heritage House owners and the City of Albany are back to court over the fate of the old hotel.

The owners of the Heritage House Hotel on Oglethorpe Boulevard have 20 days to pay the city over $157,000.

The city requested that of Superior Court Judge Stephen Goss Wednesday and it was granted.

The request comes after the owners, Greenbriar Holdings and Investments, LLC. appealed the demolition order given by Goss in September.

But the city sees this as a delay tactic.

"However, of course, Greenbriar is trying to delay such from happening, but they're injuring the citizens of Albany by continuing to let this property stay up in its current condition," says Assistant City Attorney Chimere Chisolm.

If Greenbriar is unable to pay at the end of 20 days, Judge Goss will revisit the issue to make a decision concerning the property.