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      Heritage Center expands for archives

      The Thronateeska Heritage Center in downtown Albany is expanding its archive building which includes a vast amount of artifacts from the city and region. Thronateeska is adding an additional 10,000 square foot space to their center.

      The extension is actually a house that uses to be on Pine Avenue. The center hired movers who put the house on beams and wheels and moved it over to where you see it now. The arch ways on the brick walls will be created into pseudo windows and each building will connect.

      However, this expansion is much more than just more room, its purpose is to protect the archives.

      Thronateeska executive director Tommy Gregors said, We want to make sure it was kept in a safe manner and preserved for the future generations to be able to use and also to improve the public's access to the documents.

      Plans for the expansion began with a vote in November 2010.

      Research and construction started 9 months ago. Thronateeska officials hope to have the expansion completed by the beginning of the year.

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