Help needed cracking down on Albany gangs

Police across the world deal with gang violence on a day-to-day basis, and Albany is no different. Captain Wendy Luster of the Albany Police Department spoke Tuesday regarding the gang problems in the good life city.

Although Albany is only home to four different gangs, Captain Luster says it's an issue that needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

"The public needs to be reporting any suspicious activity regarding youth in their area. If you see a group of individuals all dressed in white shirts, and blue jeans standing in a field, that's most likely a gang meeting. The more assistance we can have from the public the better," said Captain Luster.

Luster expanded on that, saying, that without the public's assistance stopping these gangs from growing is near impossible.

"The public plays a very important roll in what we do daily, in fact they are the people that are going to help us solve a great deal of our crime. So the relationship between the police and the citizens is very important," said Captain Luster.

Captain Luster encourages everyone to be aware of graffiti, suspicious groups, and anything that might be perceived as gang activity.