Heavy rains cause minor flooding

There were some road closures and minor flooding reported in the area. / Cody Long

It has been a rainy day and especially a rainy Wednesday morning in Southwest Georgia. There were some road closures and minor flooding reported in the area.

Robert Still has been watching the water slowly creep toward his home on North County Line Road in Worth County.

There isn't much you can do," Still said. "I mean, I may have to kick out the blocks underneath the house and float down the Flint River and see if I end up in Jamaica."

Still says this also happened last year around this time.

"Last year, it got up about five inches from getting inside the house and I had my whole car packed with our clothes."

Most of the flooding was in Crisp County and Worth County. In Albany, there was some flooding in some areas along the streets and in some people's yards.

Worth County EMA Director Tom Whittington says he's concerned about some possible freezing overnight.

"Everybody, be very careful and with this weather tonight, possible freezing rain coming in probably around 1 or 2 a.m. this morning," Whittington said.

Crisp County EMA Director Billy Hancock says they saw about seven roads that drivers should be cautious when driving on. They closed a few roads and overpasses.

Both county EMA directors say to use caution when driving overnight and into the morning.

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