Heat breaks century mark

Heats reach over 100 degrees Friday in SW Georgia. / Matt Prichard

Albany residents were looking for any shade they could find Friday as temperatures topped 100 degrees.

With summers in Southwest Georgia always consisting of high temperatures, you would think this would be just another June day. However as temperatures inched toward 103 degrees, locals around town began to head for the pools and air conditioned buildings.

This weather expected to keep going through the weekend however, which FOX 31 meteorologist Mike Morrison says could keep families indoors.

"Well it was definitely hot today and it's going to continue to be hot all weekend long. 103 on Saturday, heat index values up to about 110, 112, we have a heat advisory already posted. These hot temperatures put you at a higher risk for heat related illnesses," said Morrison.

Physicians are also cautioning people to remain hydrated and healthy during this heat wave.

"The key is staying hydrated, small meals, and lots of fluids. Good hydrating fluids like water, sports drinks, you want to avoid alcohol, especially during the hottest time of the day," said emergency physician, Dr. William Flowers.

As temperatures persist this weekend, stay safe, drink plenty of water, and keep cool.