'Heartbreak' for Albany missionary to Haiti

Dick spent 24 years in Haiti

Albany's ties to Haiti continue to grow through an Albany woman who lived in Haiti for 24 years doing missionary work.

Evelyn Dick of Vine Ministry, Inc. spoke to the Connections Albany congregation Sunday morning. Dick recounted her time in Haiti and the work she and her late-husband did in Port-au-Prince. Dick helped establish the Vine Evangelical Baptist Church in Haiti's capital in 1989.

"When I first heard what was happening on TV, I just couldn't believe it, and my heart just broke," Dick said.

Dick was supposed to go to Haiti January 20, but when the earthquake hit, her plans changed. Six members of their congregation, including two deacons, were killed in the January 12 earthquake.

Even through the despair, Dick says there is hope. The new church they started building in 2008 is five blocks away from the National Palace. The palace crumbled in the earthquake, but Dick says the church is still standing.

"It's a testimony to the lord," said Dick.

Dick says she's been in contact with the church pastor through e-mail. Right now, they're using the church as a refuge for the homeless.

"The pastor just received money from the states and is able now to buy some food and get food there to them."

Dick plans to go back to Haiti in the next month or two. For more information on Dick's work go to