Hearing impaired student sets record for Monroe High School

Alexis Burse waves to the crowd at Monroe High School. / Jessica Fairley

Monroe Comprehensive High School held its homecoming coronation Thursday night. Over 20 students were showcased for exceptional leadership and student achievement.

Among those on the homecoming court was one 16-year-old who claimed not one, but two titles for the night.

Alexis Burse is Miss Junior and the first hearing impaired student on the Monroe High School Homecoming court.

During Thursday's coronation, the crowd was boisterous as Alexis walked onto the homecoming stage.

Cheers came from friends and supporters who voted for her.

"All of my friends voted for me. I fix hair for people," says Alexis Burse, Monroe Comprehensive High School student.

Like the other girls she loves girly things; fancy shoes and royal gowns.

"Purple is so pretty," says Alexis Burse.

But before winning the title of Miss Junior, the Monroe student had to find her voice.

"Alexis does not use her voice at all and one of the things I required of her is to use the way you communicate and she did it. I cried because I had never heard her and I worked with her for two years," says Angie Gardner, Monroe Special Education Contact teacher.

Others who heard Alexis speak for the first time were equally touched.

Alexis says although the accolades from those around her bring her joy, it's her mother who gave her the confidence to pave the way for others.

"She is so happy for me. My momma is my best friend," says Alexis Burse.

Now that the student has found her way of speaking to the world, her teacher says there's no limit to her success.

"Now she's already thinking about what she wants to do next," says Angie Gardner.

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