Hearing held for Merry Acres Middle School teacher

On Tuesday, the Dougherty County School System held a personnel hearing for a 6th grade Language Arts teacher from Merry Acres Middle School.
/ Franklin White

It took over eight hours and over a half a dozen witnesses to decide a teachers fate in a tribunal hearing with the Dougherty County School System.

On Tuesday, the Dougherty County School System held a tribunal hearing for Felicia Ezeamii, a 7th grade language arts teacher at Merry Acres Middle School who's fighting the school systems decision to not renew her contract after a year teaching at the school.

Dougherty County Schools Superintendent Dr. David Mosely says Ezeamii was given numerous chances to improve, even placing her on a professional development plan but when she couldn't make the cut he says it was the final straw.

Her attorney feels her performance should be based on the ultimate objective, grades.

Dr. Mosely says, "our jobs are to gives the children the best we can because we don't get but one shot at them, and if we don't teach them then we all fail."

Ezeamii's attorney, Charles Cox says, "in this day and age, effectiveness of teachers measured by test scores and how the children perform and there's zero evidence that those test scores were deficient for her."

The tribunal jury voted to uphold the superintendents decision to not renew her contract.

From there the school board will make the final decision.