Have you ever caught the rainy day blues?

Heavy rain may cause people to feel symptoms of Seasonal Affect Disorder. / File

For the past week the rain in Southwest Georgia has seemed never-ending.

This may have caused you to feel a little down in the dumps. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Fox 31 spoke to Kurt Klauburg, a geriatric psychiatrist at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, who said there is an actual disorder called Seasonal Affect Disorder. It has do to with symptoms of depression arising when there is protracted sunlight, on days that are dreary and cloudy.

Andy Martin, a licensed professional counselor, said he see's a lot of this here in Southwest Georgia. Martin said if you feel like you are experiencing these symptoms, something as simple as moving around can make you feel better. Martin said it isn't good for humans to sit around and do nothing, so it's important to get up and be active even on rainy days.

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