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      Happy Birthday Louis Braille

      Braille provides the visually impaired a vehicle for literacy.
      / Sean Streicher

      National Braille week kicks off Friday and runs through January 11th in honor of Louis Braille who was born January 4th 1809.

      Braille is a system used by the blind or visually impaired to read and write by using the sense of touch to read a series of raised dots which represent letters and words. It was in invented by Louis Braille in Paris France when he was just 15 years old, in 1824..

      Braille provides the visually impaired a vehicle for literacy.

      "It's really been a help to me because if it wasn't for that, I would have never finished school, and I wouldn't have anything to read," said Donna Parker, the President of the Southwest Georgia Chapter of the National Federation of the blind.

      There are instructors out there who teach Braille, which is read from left to write but is written from right to left.

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