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      Hands-on learning inspires youth

      If you could thank a teacher for helping you understand a subject, who would it be? Fourth grade student Adrian Cornejo, would thank his math teacher, Mrs. Eve Schroeder. Cornejo dreams of being a lawyer one day and feels he would not have passed math class without her assistance.

      When I grow up, I hope I can meet her again. I don TMt even know how I would repay her because she TMs done so much for me said Cornejo.

      Mrs. Schroeder is a Dougherty County School System Teacher of the Year nominee from Lincoln Elementary. After realizing a desk job was unfulfilling, she went back to school to become a teacher. She began as a kindergarten teacher and moved to teaching fourth grade this year.

      I took a lot of things from kindergarten and brought it up here, we do a lot of hands on things said Schroeder.

      Her students appreciate the hands on activities and can feel her passion for them to grasp the subject.

      She makes teaching fun, we play games while she teaches us said Zackary Miller.

      Being nominated for Teacher of the Year is a humbling experience for Schroeder. She feels fulfilled in teaching students and appreciates her co-workers noticing her dedication.

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