H1N1 deaths could hit 90,000 this flu season

Schools are being extra vigilant with hand sanitizing and washing to prevent H1N1's spread

A special report to the White House predicts up to 90,000 H1N1 and regular flu deaths this fall.

Health officials predict almost twice as many deaths in America this flu season with children and young adults most susceptible to swine flu, keeping local schools and parents on edge. However, Dougherty County Schools, Southwest Georgia Public Health, and Phoebe's Network of Trust are launching a phone line to ease concerns and answer questions about swine flu. The H1N1 vaccine won't be ready until October, so local officials say the best thing you can do right now to protect yourself is get a seasonal flu vaccine.

"Those should be arriving as soon as maybe next week. So as soon as you hear that the flu shots are available go ahead and schedule your routine flu shot," Brenda Greene with District Public Health said.

Greene says most people infected with H1N1 recover, so don't panic if you have flu-like symptoms. She says to see a doctor if you're having difficulty breathing, you have underlying health conditions or if your fever lasts more than three days.

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