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      Gunshots ring out in Moultrie

      Second Update (6/7/13)Moultrie police say they are still searching for where Darnell Slaughter III may be.They say Slaughter may be on the run based off his past criminal record.So far no arrests have been made.First Update (6/6/13)Police have confirmed the names of the two men shot: Richard Williams and Darnell Slaughter III.Police say that Williams was shot in the abdomen and released from Colquitt Regional Hospital. Slaughter was shot in the right arm and suffered a graze his abdomen, but he has not been found yet.Officers say there are no witnesses at this time.Initial StoryOfficials with the Moultrie Police Department are reporting a shooting has occurred at the Shy Manor Apartments on Elliot Brown Street.

      Early reports indicate two people were shot at the scene, one of them transported to the hospital with no details regarding his condition.

      Authorities with the Moultrie Police Department are on-scene and are beginning their investigation.

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