Gun thefts growing in southwest Georgia

Gun thefts up in southwest Georgia. / Jessica Fairley

Within the month of April thousands of dollars worth of firearms were stolen by gun thieves.

A report states that $14,000 in guns were stolen just last week in Colquitt County.

Moultrie Police Investigator David Underwood says gun owners should prepare so that they won't fall victim to gun thieves.

"If they can keep it in a lock safe or gun safe or something like that anything to make it hard to steal," said David Underwood, Colquitt County Sheriff's Department.

If a thief were to break pass this security, officials say gun owners should have a backup plan by stashing the make, model, caliber and serial numbers of their firearms in a safe place.

If a firearm is stolen this information can be reported to authorities in hopes of locating the item.

Even if gun owners don't have these important details, officials say they can go back to the store where the firearm was purchased and request the information on their gun.

"Anytime that you have a gun that's misplaced or stolen or anything like that, if you can access whoever it is that you bought the gun from, if they're still in business then they should be able to have records on that serial number," said Jason Sheffield, Manager of the Dawson Road Pawn Shop.

Pawn shop officials say they regularly get calls from law enforcement looking for stolen weapons and there have been several instances where having the serial number in the database has helped return the stolen property to its rightful owner.

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