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      Gun sales pick up in Southwest Georgia

      Since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut and with the President's new term just around the corner, gun sales have spiked locally according to pawn shops around town.Andy Aumsbaugh of Mega Pawn in Leesburg says in the past two weeks alone he's sold around 80-100 guns which is exponentially higher than normal.Aumsbaugh says sales have been so high, in fact, he's run out of the certain types of guns that may be banned and the store had a 45 minute wait for background checks.Gun owners have expressed their concerns over gun regulations following multiple shootings across the nation and Aumsbaugh says they want to purchase them before President Barack Obama deems certain guns illegal.Mega Pawn is currently trying to order as many guns as possible but says types of rifles with a larger magazine are hard to order following the high demand.

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