Gun law approved by Senate committee

If passed, the bill would allow guns in churches and on college campuses

A new Georgia law could allow people with gun permits to take firearms onto college campuses and in churches and bars.

Evy Sifford has owned a gun for ten years and has never had to shoot it at another person. She says she trusts the background checks that gun owners are subject to.

"If they go through the deep background check that the FBI does anyways, it's already proof right there that they're not, you know, people that are out to harm anyone for no reason," said Sifford.

Chief Roberson Brown of the Albany State University Police says, given certain incidents in the past, it's a bad idea.

"A couple weeks ago in Alabama and Columbine, and Virginia Tech, it just boggles my mind that anyone would approve to bring guns on campus," Brown said.

Justin Thomas, Worship Pastor at Central Baptist Church worries about the combination of guns and children at church, but can see both sides of the argument.

"There is that aspect of, well, if everybody knows that somebody here is going to be carrying a gun, it's a deterrent for, you know, somebody else that might want to do it," said Thomas.

Currently there is no training required to own a gun or to get a concealed weapons permit.

If the full Senate approves the bill, it will then be the House's turn to vote.