Guidelines up exercise recommendations for cancer survivors

New guidelines are encouraging more exercise for cancer survivors despite typically weaker bodies.

Three years ago Candy Reid was diagnosed with cancer.

"I found a small lump in my breast in November of 2007 and I was diagnosed as having cancer," said Reid.

Today she is a survivor. But if fighting off the disease wasn't hard enough, gaining her physical strength was nearly as difficult.

"Simply getting clothes out of the dryer I would have to go lay down and take a nap, but I did try to stay a little active which for me at that time was simply walking around the house whenever I could," said Reid.

She says it took her nearly a year to before she was able to start doing normal exercise.

While treatment is draining on their bodies, becoming active again is a necessity for full recovery.

"Is debilitating and it can be fatiguing and it's defiantly tiresome but it is not something that you cannot overcome," said Phoebe Physical Medicine Center Athletic Trainer.

And new guidelines are encouraging more exercise for cancer survivors despite typically weaker bodies.

The American college of sports medicine now recommends survivors get the same amount of exercise of able bodied people; 2-and-a-half hours a week.

Candy started going to the phoebe physical medicine center to start here rehabilitation. It's about that time when a light-bulb went off.

After going through chemotherapy and picking up her exercise, Candy came up with a great business idea. Hula-hooping/

"About the time I was getting ready to start exercising again and I learned that you could burn a lot of calories by hooping, and hooping is a lot of fun you simply cannot hula-hoop without laughing, it's just not going to happen," said Candy.

Now she says she feels better than ever.

"I feel great, I really feel great. I didn't think I would ever feel great again but I can say I really feel great," said Reid.

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