GSP not taking the holiday off from patrols

Cpl. Scott McClure says the expressway was extremely busy the day before Thanksgiving

Some of you may have stayed in for the Thanksgiving, but for those on the road this weekend, Georgia State Patrol didn't take the holiday off.

According to Georgia State Patrol, there have been 107 crashes, 40 injuries and two fatalities. GSP says speeders have not been a problem so far this holiday but say they have picked up a few DUIs but not many.

GSP says they do have road checks in certain areas.

Officers say while Thanksgiving Day traffic was slower, the evening before was hectic.

"We're assuming everybody was getting into town or everybody was leaving town late yesterday getting off work, and traffic volume was heavy especially on the bypass but so far we've had a few minor wrecks nothing major so far," says Cpl. Scott McClure.

Thanksgiving 2010 there were 2,571 crashes, 1,099 injuries and 13 fatalities.