Group offers support for families with Alzheimer's patients

A local support group can help you with questions you may have about caring for your family member suffering from Alzheimer's / Ashley Knight

For those with family members who suffer from Alzheimer's, you do have support in the local community.

The Alzheimer's Association holds a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of each month that brings local families together with caregivers to provide support and help answer questions.

"We come here at Central Baptist Church at noontime and we have a small lunch. Sometimes we have a guest speaker, today we have a gentleman from the V.A. who's going to come and talk to us about V.A. benefits," says Virginia Griffin, Director of the Alzheimer's Outreach Center.

They also hold breakout groups for folks with family in the early stages of the disease.

To talk with someone about adult day care or in-home respite care, contact the Albany Alzheimer's Caregiver Time Out at 888-6555.

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