Group explains solar energy's role in Georgia

Senior Systems Analyst Bill Johnston of Coastal Solar says there are many benefits to Georgians tapping into solar energy. / Mary Green

With all the sunlight that shines on Georgia each year, it makes sense that solar energy is one of the state’s growing industries.

Representatives from Coastal Solar came to Albany on Thursday to discuss the different features of solar energy.

They spoke about what a solar project looks like, the finances of solar power and what its benefits are.

Senior Systems Analyst Bill Johnston said those benefits are bountiful, especially in a large and expanding market like Georgia.

“In Georgia, the solar industry is growing exponentially,” he said. “It’s very environmentally friendly. It has no carbon footprint. It saves water resources, and from a financial standpoint, it’s very beneficial to consumers.”

Coastal Solar was invited to speak at ASU by Senator Freddie Powell Sims after their presentation for the Georgia Agricultural Commission earlier this year in Atlanta, Johnston said.

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