'Groundhog Day' with a Chehaw twist

Chehaw meercat predicts winter forecast for the upcoming month. / From file

Chehaw Park celebrated, 'Groundhog Day' a bit differently, by letting their meerkats predict what the next 6-weeks will hold.

With Punxsutawney Phil crawling out early Saturday morning, and not seeing his shadow, it looks like an early spring is in store.

So the question stands, would Chehaw's own furry forecaster's stand by Phil's prediction?

"Being Groundhog Day, we decided that we would use, Asante, to predict our weather. He did great, last year and brought us a bunch of beautiful weather, and did the same this year by not going back into the enclosure," said Education Coordinator at Chehaw, Jackie Entz.

So if the animal kingdom is right, it looks like sunny skies and warm weather may be on the horizon.

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