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      Grits Festival put on hold until 2014

      The National Grits Festival that takes place every year in Warwick has been canceled this year due to funding.Robbie Woolbright, with the festival, says the main reason the festival won TMt be possible this year is because their main sponsor, Quaker, had to back out due to their own budget cuts. Woolbright says Quaker provided them with the majority of their funding.Woolbright says this isn TMt the end of the festival though, they plan to come back next year stronger than ever.In the meantime, Woolbright and the rest of the event coordinators will be holding various fundraisers with proceeds going towards 2014 TMs Grits Festival. The first of these fundraisers will be the Spring Fling which they are holding the 3rd Saturday in April at the Lion TMs Club Gym in Warwick.

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