'Grits Fest' close to a final end

Grits Festival mural in Warwick. / Jessica Fairley

It's been two years since the last Grits Festival in Warwick and now organizers are close to giving up on it for good.

If there are no sponsors within the next two weeks or membership doesn't increase, it will mean the end of the festival.

"We have to do something with the property and we have someone wanting the property so we have to make a major decision here now," said Robby Woolbright, Chairman of the National Grits Festival.

She says if the building is sold and the festival goes away for good it would be a major loss for the city.

It shocked the town when the festival went away. Quaker, a longtime sponsor, pulled funding because of budget cuts.

If organizers can get their membership up within the next few weeks they may be able to bring back the festival.

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