Green cleaning may not be all that it seems

For many people it is just about the philosophy of cleaning rather than becoming a green cleaner.

Cleaning, in general, is a green practice..

Jud Savelle, owner of Bishop Clean Care, says that "by keeping things clean, you're sustaining them longer, they're basically not filling up the landfill."

Bishop Clean Care offers different divisions of cleaning. In our janitorial division, we use green cleaning products like these.

chemicals have lower levels of toxicity, they are biodegradable and we can clean an entire office building with these green seal certified products.

Unfortunately, Bishop Clean Care doesn't cater to residential cleaning but all hope is not lostâ|

Jud advises Consumers to find green products readily available in the supermarket and they're popular now and effective too.

Kerri: Be careful what you are looking for thoughâ|

Jud Savelle: sometimes a product might say 95% green or 97% green and that can mean it's 95% water so you want to make sure the company you are buying green product from is reputable and they're explaining why their product is actually green.

Kerri: For more information on green cleaning, visit our website, With this weeks' go green, kerri copello, fox 31 news.