Grant educates seniors about public health

Photo Credit: Sean Streicher

In honor of Black History Month, SOWEGA Council on Aging brought in Dr. Jacqueline H. Grant, District Health Director for the Southwest Georgia Health District, to speak to seniors at the Albany Senior Center.

She spoke on why she wanted to be a doctor.

Since coming to the Southwest Health District, Dr. Grant has implemented an innovative interactive worksite wellness program; presided over district restructuring to improve efficiency; overseen creation of the nonprofit Friends of Southwest Georgia Public Health; and provided guidance during emergencies such as devastating floods, tornadoes and outbreaks of disease and food borne illnesses.

In 2009, Dr. Grant was instrumental in acquiring a March of Dimes grant to launch the first Public Health-administered Centering Pregnancy program in Georgia as well as the first such program in the southern half of the state. The program proved successful: while the first site continued to address the needs of primarily African-American women, a second site aimed primarily at Hispanic women soon opened. In 2012 Dr. Grant presented a poster on Centering at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. She is a frequent speaker on Centering throughout Georgia. In addition, she was the recipient of the 2012 Tee Rae Dismukes Award.

Grant says that she is extremely honored to be asked to speak today and never misses an opportunity to speak on public health.

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