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      Grand jury declines to indict in K9 officer death

      A Worth County Grand Jury has declined to indict Warwick police officer Thomas Frye in the death of his K9 narcotics dog Sasha.Officials with the Worth County District Attorney TMs Office say that they presented the case of misdemeanor cruelty to animals to the grand jury on September 4th, but that after hearing the evidence, they declined to indict Frye by returning a no-bill.A GBI investigation revealed that Sasha had a history of opening and climbing into the vehicle with the door shutting behind her according to witnesses. A necropsy was performed and showed that Sasha had also recently eaten before her death, had been properly cared for, and showed no signs of abuse.Worth County Assistant District Attorney Ronnie Wheeler says that for a felony charge, the cruelty has to be deliberate. In this case, Sasha is believed to have been spooked into the car after a thunderstorm had arisen in the day and was unable to escape the vehicle. The officer TMs neglect of not locking the car door did not rise to the deliberate level in this case.Wheeler says that they have the opportunity to present the case again to the grand jury to get an indictment, but that they will decline to do so unless additional evidence comes forward.

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