Graceway Recovery Residence to open new house

The 14 women that participate in this organization's identities are confidential, but what they don't disclose is their true love for Graceway

Graceway Recovery Residence is a non-profit organization in Albany which helps women in need of recovery from substance abuse. They already have two housing residents for the women and now they're working on a third.

421 West Residence isn't a glamorous looking house. Walk inside, and it quickly becomes even less appealing, but that's why Graceway employees, residents, and UPS volunteers are trying to refurbish the donated house. The residence house will be used to accommodate group meetings for AA meetings, family workshops and more.

The house was a mess when they first began working on it. Used needles on the floor, human feces lying in buckets, and graffiti on the walls made up the home. So much work is to be done before their goal is met, and with limited resources and no funder on the side, there's no projected date for its opening.