Gov. proposes adding millions to state budget

Ga. Governor proposes adding $255 million to state spending. / Jessica Fairley

A new budget proposed by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal may bring more dollars to schools.

The amended budget would add an extra $255 million dollars for state spending.

This money would accommodate growth in the state's k-12 and higher education systems.

Local school officials say after furloughs and reductions in budgets, they're hoping for better funding.

"In the last four or five years we've lost 15 to 20 million dollars in operating funds. So we're really hopeful that the government can stop the cuts to education this year," said Dougherty County School System Public Information Officer R.D. Harter.

Governor Deal says budget proposals will help streamline government functions while spending on initiatives that he says will grow the economy.

The proposed budget has to be approved by lawmakers before becoming official.

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