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      Good ol' fashion grape stompin

      Southwest Georgia may not be known for their wine, but a vineyard in Arlington is trying to change that.

      Still Pond Vineyard and Winery holds an annual Grape Stomping Festival to show off their uniqueness, and to let people know they're there.

      Wine maker Charlie Cowart says, "a lot of people don't believe there's a vineyard in southwest Georgia so we have a festival, there's no admission to get in we just want people to come out and have a good time."

      It's clear they are having a good time, as people come back year after year.

      Besides the obvious wine tasting, vendors are on hand selling food and some pretty unique crafts, they even have a Lucille Ball lookalike contest.

      One of the highlights of the day is when everyone is invited to help make wine the old fashion way, buy stomping on some grapes. Cowart said, "They would actually have big vats, small vats and at harvest time they would stomp the grapes separate the juice from the skin and the seeds and that's what they would use in their winemaking, of course today we don TMt do that."

      Still Pond holds three festivals a year, those being in August, December and April, if you can't make it to one of those but still want to taste some southwest Georgia wine stop by Monday through Saturday for a tasting.