GOOD DAY on the GO: Worth Co. Primary School's Outdoor Classroom

Worth County Primary School is trying to get kids out of the classroom and more into learning.

"We need to do more hands on, more outside the book instruction I think the kids retain it better they learn better," said Stacey Rutledge, principal of Worth County Primary School.

And that is exactly what they are doing with the lamb's yard.

"And we don't just call it the outdoor garden, it's the outdoor classroom," said Ms. Carey, teacher.

Built in 1995, this outdoor classroom not only provides beauty for the school, it's a hand-on learning experience for students.

"When you're out here and you're looking at the plant, you're looking at the flowers; you're watching the butterfly actually put his proboscis down and sip nectar you're going to remember that so much more than if you read a paragraph in a book," said Ms. Shaw, teacher.

Children get out of the traditional classroom setting and experience the world.

"I love it because there's a lot of nature out here and I just love nature, I don't like to kill a lot of animals, I just love them," said Worth Smith, a second grader learning in the outdoor classroom.

They can interact with all subjects while still meeting Georgia standards.

"We can teach pretty much everything in this garden, as we go through you'll see we have a time for weather garden where we teach math and have the different instruments," said Carey.

"Down here we have the head, the thorax and the abdomen of the butterfly because we teach about insects and parts, the antenna are up there around the front," said Shaw.

"The mocking birds will nest in the memory garden and let us look at the babies so you can teach pretty much anything," said Carey.

The outdoor classroom was paid for primarily through grants and fundraisers. Community groups like the boy scouts and the local high school have all pitched in to help.

It started as a clay wasteland and but today it is a sanctuary for all creatures.

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