GOOD DAY on the GO: Sunbelt Ag. Expo

The Sunbelt Ag Expo is North America's Premiere farm show. It has something for the entire family which makes it stand apart from other farm shows in the country.

More than 90,000 people are expected during the three day event. Many of them will be farmers traveling from all across the globe learning the latest in agriculture technology.

"We are always grateful to have our international visitors, usually South America, china, we have groups come in and see how we do things in the states and look for the new technology because as far as farming for the world in concerned we are way ahead of technology and advancements."

For those who aren't farmers, it's a chance to learn where food comes from.

"It's a better explanation of from the farm to the market, what's entailed and what's involved and why the costs are what they are."

But at the Ag Expo it's not just about looking, it's about actually interacting with what you're learning.

Cooking demos are offered just about every half hour, daily rodeo events and stock dog trials are just a sample of the more than 12,000 exhibits.

"Once you come in the gates, pay the entry fee there is no additional charges except for the food you eat"

And for those who don't want to drive to Moultrie - the F-A-A has a runway for private and charter planes.

"So a little bit of something for everybody"

The Expo runs October 18-20 at the Spence Field in Moultrie.