GOOD DAY on the Go: Sparkman's Cream Valley

There's nothing quite like an ice cold glass of milk and it can be even better if it tastes creamier without the fat. Thanks to Sparkman Cream Valley's dairy process that's exactly how they made it.

"We can actually have it from the cow, in the bottle in four to six hours, on a truck being delivered to the stores all within one day period, 12 hours," said Ricky Sparkman, owner and president of dairy farm.

The family owned and operated dairy farm has been open since 1967. It started with 70 cows three generations back and now they've got 500 milking cows and a difference you can taste.

Sparkman's Cream Valley uses All Jersey Cows. These cows do better in hot temperatures. Usually cows eat less when they get hot but All Jersey Cows are used to the heat and will produce the same amount of milk in the warm Georgia Climate. All Jersey Cows cows produce a more solid milk meaning richer flavor with less fat in the final process.

"When you drink it, you absolutely think you're drinking 2% milk because of the flavor, it's actually skim milk but it tastes like 2% and it simply goes back to the solids issue," said Sparkman. "And our 2% tastes like whole milk with 3.5% (fat)."

Their chocolate milk is the 2008 Flavor of Georgia winner in the dairy category. Sparkman's also makes butter and a complete line of drinkable yogurts. Their drinkable yogurt is the only actual drinkable one on the market since they contain no additives unlike others on store shelves.

"The yogurts that are on the shelves now are called drinkable smoothies and they have to be labeled smoothies because there is water added to them," said Sparkman.

They have guava, peach, strawberry and mango flavored yogurts.

At 21 days Sparkman's Cream Valley also has the longest shelf life of any milk in the state of Georgia.

Sparkman's products are sold up and down the east coast and as far west as Wisconsin. For a complete list of where you can buy Sparkman's products click here.