GOOD DAY on the Go: Cane syrup making at the Green's Farm

The Green's Farm has been making cane syrup for over 100 years.

"In my Daddy's Daddy's time everyone had a little patch of cane to make their own syrup, grow their own meat, processes their own meat, they had a milk cow and all that and chickens and our daddy's Daddy's daddy kept it going from there," said Johnny Green.

"We keeping it in the family in hopes that my kids will keep it going," said John Green.

Despite a few technological improvements, it's the same recipe as when the green's started and now everything is done right on the farm.

"We can go to the field, grind it and cook it in the field that's the difference in the past generation," said John Green.

Once the sugar cane is pressed out in the field it comes in here where it's boiled for four hours and all the impurities are sponged away

Unlike syrup bought in the store, this doesn't have any additives.

"When they put it in the store it might be in there for seven or eight months and that's why they have to put in the preservatives," said John Green.

The Green's say their cane syrup goes great with just about everything but their favorite is syrup bread.

"When I say syrup bread instead of sugar we cook it with my syrup, you can't cook it with that that's in the store," said Green.