Good Day on the Go: A historical interpreter with special needs

Brock Fitzgerald is a second grader who does historical interpretations at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture. He'll teach you how to make corn meal as you experience daily life on a 19th century farm.

Brock started working at the Grist Mill shadowing his grandfather. After just three days he was doing it all himself.

"I decided that I could do a little bit the first time and then the second time I could do barely and then this time I can do all of it," said Brock.

"So now all I do really is just when I'm here at the Grist mill is what you saw me, I bag the grits or meal and he does the interpretation, the tying up of it, everything," said Billy Hayes, Brock's grandfather.

But Brock is a very special kid. He is hyper glycemic and mildly autistic in addition to a list of other health problems.

Although he loves spending time at the grist mill, he can't wait for the weekend to play dodge ball and go on a hayride.

"These kinds of Saturdays I'm not going to be on the train, I'm gonna be down at the hayride and doing all that stuff," said Brock.

As for long term plans, he wants to marry Miss Teresa and work at the Agrirama for the rest of his life.

"I'll be working here until I think I get about 60 or 70 or 80," said Brock.