GOOD DAY on the GHOST: Part 2

Do you believe in ghosts? Here is part two of a special edition of GOOD DAY on the Go. Friday we intoduced you to VAPIR Paranormal, now we take you inside the house for the ghost hunt.

The cameras were set and the sun had said good night. VAPIR Paranormal was ready to begin their ghost hunt. The investigation site was the Creek House, an abandoned home in Valdosta with no written history but some long time residents not ready to leave.

"It's usually some sort of male figure in the front room you have females also mostly in the back area there, in the second area there and more females upstairs," said Claudia Cirey, a paranormal investigator.

Before the team was able to split into groups, the first sign of paranormal activity had already occurred.

"The ear on the dog in the downstairs room with the hunting wallpaper the ear has been turned back on the dog," said Amy Phillips, a paranormal investigator.

VAPIR realizes there are skeptics which is why they collect as much evidence as possible.

"If it's on audio then you've got proof, if it's on video then you've got proof," said Tim Pickett, a paranormal investigator.

Whether you're a believer or not, the team's testimonies are pretty spooky. But what gave me the most goose bumps was when the flashlight appeared to turn on by its self.

The Creek House is one of VAPIR's favorite investigation spots and they keep coming back because no night is ever the same.

"There's always something different when you go, it's never been the same activity," said Cirey.