GOOD DAY on the GHOST: Part 1

Witches, werewolves and zombies, it's that time of year again. There's no other Halloween classic quite like the ghost. But we're not talking Casper or a sheet you throw over your head. I traveled to Valdosta and spent the night in a haunted house with a paranormal investigation team. I didn't see any ghostly ghouls but the evidence was pretty spooky.

Ghosts are no strangers to late October but supernatural beings are far from a ghost story to VAPIR Paranormal.

"You see shadows, figures, feel things touch us sometimes just a lot of different things, footsteps you just got to experience it," said Tim Pickett, a VAPIR Paranormal Investigator.

The group isn't what you would typically think of as ghost busters. Made up of mostly stay at home moms and police officers, they came together to investigate the unknown following an itch from Hollywood.

"Is that for real, are they really doing that or is that something they are making up so we decided to go out and test it out for ourselves ," said Pickett.

"I said well they go to graveyards and pick something up and there was a graveyard like 5 minutes from my house and I said why don't we go out there, we don't have to go at night just walk around and see if we can do that ," said Claudia Cirey, a VAPIR Paranormal Investigator.

For the last 2 years the current VAPIR team has been investigating all over South Georgia and North Florida. They realize not everyone will be a believer but for them, there's just too much evidence.

"I've gotten proved too many times, I'm a little skeptic in certain things but there are some things you go how did that just happen or how is it possible to hear that when you know there's nobody there ," said Cirey.

Unlike Hollywood, the team has never seen anyone being dragged to the basement or spun on the ceiling. It's more about EVPs or electronic voice phenomenon- voices you can't hear until you go back and listen to recordings.

"Almost every time we go out where ever we go at one of the haunted locations we get voices that aren't ours and they aren't just whispers you can hear them talking and their responding, their answering our questions ," said Pickett.

The team uses a variety of gadgets to collect activity that occurs beyond human senses and to communicate with spirits.

"Well do EVP session and well take pictures and do some video and try to get them to manipulate some trigger objects including a flashlight and try to get them to turn on a flashlight ," said Pickett.

Team members say they collect more evidence than what's seen in movies and TV shows but all that evidence can come at a price. Although they're paranormal investigators, they still can get scared by the unexplained.

"Yeah sometimes when you're by yourself and you talk and don't expect anything then out of the blue something happens," said Cirey.