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      Gone but not forgotten

      As we move closer to Veteran's Day communities all across Southwest Georgia are coming together to pay their respects.

      In Moultrie a local group is continuing their 25 year tradition of honoring Veterans with a special prayer breakfast.

      "He never felt he was a hero, he was just doing his duty for his country. He was a very patriotic person," says Frances Suber.

      On Saturday, the Veterans Activity Committee held a prayer breakfast in Moultrie for the brave individuals of the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

      Hoyt Holland says, "they gave a portion of their life in service to the Country and we all owe them a debt of gratitude."

      Frances Suber is one of many as she honors her late husband who was a Prisoner of War.

      "They were not allowed to have showers all the time," Suber.

      For 13 long months her husband was held captive in Austria, a painful time in his life.

      Frances Suber says, "he said it was not easy and it was harsh conditions."

      And that's why she and others are paying tribute to those who fought the ultimate fight.

      Thomas Davis says, "without them I would hate to think where our Country would be."

      For Thomas Davis, this celebration goes deeper for him, because he says at one time veterans weren't so respected.

      "In Vietnam War we weren't appreciated. We were spit on, they sent dogs on us, but now the Country has stepped up and they're appreciating they're veterans."

      Over 50 people turned out for the 25 year tradition, and officials say the celebration along with their memories will continue for a lifetime.

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