Golfers Tee-up to help Toys-for-Tots

Golfers prepare to hit the green in benefit of charity. / Jessica Fairley

Golfers at the River Pointe Men's Golf Association joined for the 10th Annual Bob DeSimone Charity Golf Event to benefit the Marine Corps Reserve Toys-for-Tots program and the Salvation Army.

For golfers, whether they came in first, second or third place didn't matter because the biggest prize was participating.

"This golf tournament is by far the highlight of all the golf tournaments out here," said Retired Marine and Tournament Participant Ray Murphy.

Over 144 golfers stepped up to the tee to drive home their gift of charity. For Ray Murphy, the fundraiser was more like play.

"I've been doing it down here since 2006 but I'm a marine and Toys-for-Tots has been a big thing in my life for my whole career," said Ray Murphy.

To participate in the event, each golfer was asked to bring in a toy to help a needy child. Not only will this help families this holiday season. It's also going to help the Salvation Army during the next year.

"Last year we sent like 25 kids to summer camp due to the generosity of this program and many others," said Salvation Army Captain Doug McClure.

Now at the half-way point of toy collections, the Marine Corps and Salvation Army are trying to bring in as many gifts as possible.

"We've signed up more families this year. We're still getting requests coming in and we handle those on a case by case basis," said Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Kenneth Starky.

The gifts collected at the golfing fundraiser, along with thousands of others, will be distributed on December 17th to children across Albany and the surrounding areas.

Anyone interested in donating to Toys-for-Tots can make a contribution via the website

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