Go Green: Verge, a great place to shop and eco-friendly too!

Find your style at Verge! / Mike Morrison

There are those times when you may be searching for that perfect party or prom dress other items to complete your look well now there's an upscale consignment shop in downtown Albany that can not only save you money but is helping out our environment at the same time and they call this place "Verge."

The idea behind the consignment shop it people are able to bring in used but usable clothing and accessories and sell them on consignment. This makes sure that usable clothing doesn't go into the landfill and can put some cash back in your pocket.

Unique jewelry is also sold in the shop by organic charms where Dieudonna Harris invites you to be inspired by natural.

The jewelry featured here are made from natural elements and stones and are in themselves eco-friendly.

Verge is located in the old Churchwell's building downtown which has brought new use to this once vacant building.

Most of the dÃcor is recycled things. A lot of what they have hanging in the store actually came from the upstairs buildings or surrounding buildings. They cleaned it up, painted it up and put it back in the store as our dÃcor.

From once vacant buildings to upscale fashions verge is giving new life to things to valuable to just throw away and that makes Verge green, and a very cool place to shop.