Go Green: Thanksgiving

Refuge, recycle and compost / Mike Morrison

Thanksgiving, it kicks off a season of increased consumption and does it in fine fashion with an abundance of food on Thanksgiving tables. All this extra consumption can be hazardous to both our waistlines and the health of the planet. Fortunately there are things we can do to help out the latter. To decorate for the season use things from the yard, hay bales, gourds, dried flowers, pumpkins all make good decorations and can be composted once the season is over. When traveling over the river and through the woods, car pool and have your guests do the same to save gas and money, and reduce vehicle emissions. When away from your house this holiday season turn down your thermostat and save money and energy at the same time. For meals and for the many extra snacks this time of the year use reusable plates, cups, utensils and napkins. If reusable items are not feasible, use paper products made from recycled content. Make it easy for your guests to help out your green efforts by locating recycling and composting receptacles near trash cans so they can easily dispose of recyclables and compostable wastes like veggies and fruits. Be sure nothing goes to waste and send home leftovers with guests, but make sure you use reusable containers over disposable. There are certainly many other things you can do to be more eco-friendly this Thanksgiving and future generations may be thankful that you did. For this week's Go Green I'm Mike Morrison FOX 31 news.