Go Green: Packing peanut

Eco-friendly packing / Mike Morrison

And I'm done. Well like many of you I have bought and wrapped my Christmas presents for this year and now it's time to put them in a box and ship them out to family and friends. But like many of you also I want to do as much as possible to go green this holiday season. I have wrapped these gifts in gift wrap that contains recycled material. Reused bows and ribbons and even made tags from old Christmas cards. Now I'm faced with the dilemma with how to pack these gifts for shipping. Which leads us to the packing peanut. Expanded styrene plastic or the packing peanut is actually a good way to go! Here's what makes these little plastic puffs so green. The standard packing peanut has a minimum of twenty five percent recycled materials, its 99.6% air. It takes almost 50% less energy to make these peanuts than a comparable amount of paper packaging. Making these peanuts creates one third of the waste water and half of the airborne emissions as paper packaging and they contain no chlorofluorocarbons. Some packing peanuts are actually made from corn starch, are biodegradable and will dissolve in water. The packing peanut is actually a green way to go so when you are shipping those holiday gifts this year don't forget the peanuts. For this week's Go Green I'm Mike MorrisonFOX 31 news.