Go Green: Laptop settings

Laptops / Mike Morrison

The trusty laptop computer, lightweight, portable and whatever color yours happens to be, changing a few setting on it could make it greener. Most laptops have a power setting option which can be set by the user depending on your needs. For pc based laptops you can find the power setting options in the control panel. There are a few choices listed but putting this on the lowest power setting not only gives the battery a longer lifespan, but uses less electricity when it's plugged in. Keep your laptop on the lowest power setting whenever you don't need the use of high performance functions like graphics heavy programsâ"say like, when you're idly browsing online checking out the latest on Another setting you should check is the screensaver setting. This is also found in the control panel. Set this to 10 minutes or less, so you can conserve the maximum amount of energy whenever you're away. Now make sure you turn off that laptop when you are not using it and last but not least, unplug it from the wall to combat the ever lurking problem of vampire voltage drain. For this week's Go Green I'm Mike Morrison FOX 31 news.