Go Green: Flint River Keeper

Gordon Rogers

Riverkeeper and Executive Director

/ Mike Morrison

It flows though Southwest Georgia and if you haven't already noticed it is one of Georgia's most scenic and diverse rivers. The Flint River begins very modestly as groundwater seepage just outside of Atlanta. It then flows under the runways Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to reemerge and meander some 350 miles to Lake Seminole. Along its route the Flint has many rich resources for communities but also have very diverse ecosystems that need to be protected. That's were Flint Riverkeeper come in. A river keeping organization and Flint Riverkeeper is no exception is focused on restoration and protection making sure there is enough clean water in this river to support fishing, swimming and drinking. That's the law that we live under, but also ample economic opportunity and cultural opportunity. We use every ethical and legal means in the book. Flint Riverkeeper is the premier watchdog organization for the Flint River. The work they do though advocacy, outreach, education and enforcement have never been more important. The demands on just the water that the Flint and other rivers provide are increasing to the point that the Flint is entangled in the "tri-state water wars" in which Georgia, Florida and Alabama are struggling to determine water usage rights as cities like Atlanta continue to grow beyond its resources. The Flint Riverkeeper works to address this supply and demand problem but we have to do our part. We have to learn about efficiency for our businesses for our family for this country â| for the Flint ... That's a challenge. Water is only part of what makes the Flint a treasure of Southwest Georgia. Its diverse ecosystems not only provide for great recreation opportunities but also are imperative to the health of the river. The preservation of that diversity and those functions and recreational opportunities is paramount to a lot of people. The Flint Riverkeepers are doing great work for the Flint River and for us right here in Southwest Georgia for one reason. Because this stuff right here we can't do without it. For this week's Go Green I'm Mike Morrison FOX 31 News.