Go green even while on your coffee break!

How do you take your coffee? Green? / Mike Morrison

Many jobs now a days are office jobs and most offices have a break room. There you may find a coffee maker, water cooler or even a fridge that of course never gets cleaned out often enough. If this is the case where you work there are a few simple ideas that can help you go green even on your coffee break. If possible use re-usable coffee filters to make the coffee. These filters are very durable and certainly pay for themselves by replacing paper filters. Next and along the same lines, use a personal coffee cup each time you fill up this will cut down on costs for disposable cups and help out the landfill to boot. Now if you take cream and sugar in your coffee forego that stir stick and opt for a non disposable spoon or the like. Or you could even think ahead and put the extras in the cup first and let the coffee do the mixing. Even the paper packets of cream and sugar can be replaced by bulk dispensers reducing costs and environmental impact. Now if you're not much of a coffee drinker but stay hydrated at the water cooler use a reusable cup each time and again save on disposable cups. Of course if a cup of tea is more your cup of tea you too can use these ideas to go green especially if you're drinking green tea.